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Broken Line Studios (usualy known as the NZP-team) is an unofficial game development company or studio (or more like a team) that is currently developing game called Nazi Zombies Portable. They use quake engine for development. There are plans for a future game called Divided.


BLS is international team, having members from all over the globe. The team has some members in it but most of them are either inactive or they left the team.

The members (note if you are not in the list and you are member or ex member, please feel free to add yourself.)

  • The leader and former of team: mitch, real name: ?, age: ?, location: ?, joined: when nzp was started, job: Did some gfx, now mostly pubplic handler.
  • The co-leader and head engine and logic coder: Jukki, real name: Jussi Joki, age: 16, location: Finland, joined: may 2010, job: qc and c coder, mapper, public handler and nolifer. (savior number 2)
  • co-co-leader and head modeler, head animater, head texture artist: blubswillrule, real name: Luis Guttierrez, age 15 (?), location: California (?), joined: shortly when nzp was started, job: everything basicaly. (savior number 1)
  • Head mapper: Ju[s]tice, real name: Tomas Styra, age: 16, location Lithuania, joined: November 2010, job: mapper, texture artist, gfx artist.
  • Mod Dylan, real name: Dylan Davis, age: 16, location (?), joined: (?), job: mapping, modeling
  • Head music and sound artist: jog, real name: (?), age: (?), location: (?), joined: (?), job: sounds like zombies, sound effects.
  • Head sfx artist: biodude, real name Tyler (?), age: ?, location: ?, joined: recently before beta release, job sound effects like weapons. Also Thomas(editor123) has Greatly helped him with the sounds
  • Consultant: Shpuld, real name Tuomas Kaukoranta, age: 17, location: Finland, joined: December 2010, job: qc assisting, hanging around in dev chat, logo designing and other stuff if necessary.