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The FG42 (Fallschirmjägergewehr 42; "Paratrooper rifle 42") is a light support weapon which was designed specifically for use by Luftwaffe Paratroopers

The FG-42

High damage, High rate of fire, High ammo capacity, and good accuary. This weapons is good for higher rounds, but suffers from its high recoil

420 Impeller

420 Impeller is the Pack-a-Punch version of the FG-42, it comes with higher damage and more ammo capacity, but still suffers from it's high recoil

In Reality

The FG-42 was invented in 1942, hence the name. it is a selective fire between semi, and full automatic, with a 20 round boxmagazine (The game model uses the 20 round clip, but forces an extra 12 into it. Same story on CoD world at war.), which fires 8mm Mauser, or 8X57. The standard bullet load was 170 grain Spitzer bullets, traveling at about 2500 feet per second. 800 rounds per minute, it was developed for German paratroopers, who wanted a light MG that wasn't as absurdly hungry as the Mg-42. Some variations were strictly semi auto, and featured a scope. All had a bipod.