Anstieg Der Toten

Anstieg Der Toten is the NZP remake of Nacht Der Untoten from Call Of Duty World At War. It is a very small map with only 3 rooms spread across 2 floors. The Perk-a-Cola's are not featured here, but the Mystery Box still remains without the need of a power switch as there isn't one.

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Warehouse (Alpha)

In the Alpha version of Nzp, Warehouse was the only default map, however more were accessible by using the map command. It was a simple box map with 4 rooms, contained the 4 basic Perk-a-Cola's and a power switch. the design of the map has changed hugely since the alpha release.

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Warehouse (Beta)

Warehouse is a medium sized map. It is an expansion of the original NZP map from the alpha with a whole new side added to the map. The Perk-a-Cola's consist of Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap and Quick Revive.

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Wahnsinn is a large map with a few large rooms and corridors. As of beta 1.1, Wahnsinn is the only official map to contain the Pack-A-Punch machine. Wahnsinn features the Mystery Box, but to access it you must locate and shoot a hidden Teddy Bear to clear the large cases which block the way to the box. The Perk-a-Cola's consist of Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Quick Revive, Stamin Up and PHD Flopper. This is currently the only map with electroshock defenses.

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Christmas Special

This is a large map with mostly medium sized rooms connected by courtyards and corridors. This map features the Mystery Box but requires the power switch being turned on to get to it. The Perk-a-Cola's consist of Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap and Quick Revive.

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Pak 0 Hidden Maps (unconfirmed)

Relitively hidden maps contained in the included Pak 0.pak file. This is unconfirmed (as of Saturday, July 07, 2012 by Sub012345) but continued alive by MG-4ever.

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Custom Maps

Custom maps can be made and played by anyone. Currently, if you want to play a custom map you have to access the console using (`) or though the options menu. Not all maps will play on the psp and in the future a planned in-game map browser will be added, negating the need to load maps via the console.

Maps can be obtained at Nzp Maps