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The M1919 Browning is a light machine gun available in Nazi Zombies Portable. It is comparable to the MG42, yet has a slower rate of fire. With the Pack-a-Punch Machine it can be upgraded to the "B115 Accelerator", featuring a higher rate of fire and more spare ammunition. Since this weapon has a long reload time, Speed Cola is often combined with Reload Canceling to make it a good front-line weapon. Double Tap can increase its rate of fire, but is not advised. Mobility is very slow, so the user will have to sprint to avoid the hordes of zombies.


The M1919 Browning can be obtained exclusively from The Mystery Box for 950 points.


The playes palms are pitch black when holding the B115.

The B115 shoots tighter groups.

The B115 is lighter than the M1919.

The ammo on the B115 is enrgraved too.