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The MP40 is a German submachine gun from World War 2. It has a moderately slow rate of fire, but is still rather powerful and can be a very good weapon. Reloading is relatively quick and clean, but can be quite slow in tricky situations. The slower reload is also offset by the large magazine of 32 rounds, prolonging time before reloading.


The MP40 can be purchased off its location on the wall for 1,000 points and can be attained from The Mystery Box at random for 950 points.

The Afterburner

The Afterburner is the Pack-a-Punched version of the MP40. In addition to looking different, The Afterburner also does more damage and doubles the magazine size from 32 to 64.


  • There is a bug in version 1.1 in which the player can buy this weapon off the wall for free.