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  • Nazi Zombies Pre-Release 1.2 PC and PSP have been released - Dec 1 2011
  • Nazi Zombies Alpha PC and PSP are available - Dec 25 2010
  • Nazi Zombies Alpha PSP 1.1 Patch has been released, This patch fixes the out of ram for light map textures. (or at least it should for start map). - Dec 26 2010
  • Nazi Zombies Enter its Beta Stage - May 15 2011
    • Nazi Zombies PC beta 1.0 was released
    • Nazi Zombies PSP beta 1.0 was released
  • NZ:P Mapping Starter kit was released - May 25 2011
  • Nazi Zombies Portable PC beta 1.1 was released - May 29 2011

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<poll> Which Zombies map do you NOT want to see in NZ:P (Either because of layout or easter eggs) Verruckt Shi No Numa Der Reise Kino Der Toten Ascension Shangri-La Call of the Dead Area-51 Moon (Can't be the same) Tranzit Die Rise Mob Of The Dead Buried Origins Warehouse Christmas Special Wahnsinn All but not World At War All But not Blops I All But not Blops II All But not NZ:P originals Shut up MG, they're all fine.

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