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The real k98 reticle

The Scoped Kar98k is a bolt action sniper rifle in the game. It can only be obtained from the sniper cabinet in the Nact der Untoten remake and the Mystey Box.


Kar98 w/ Scope in NZP


Kar98 aiming down scope in NZ:P

Weapon Details

This weapon is actually a very powerful weapon, which is odd, due to the un-scoped Kar98k being a terrible weapon (This may be due to Historic , Match Ammo, which used heavier, faster bullets,). Reloads one round at a time, similar to the trenchgun, recomended perks with this weapon: Speed Cola, Double Tap, and Juggernoug. Also recomended with Bowie Knife, and an decent automatic weapon (e.g. Thompson)


In the psp alpha 1.2, the normal k98k is 1 bullet , X the round number you are on to kill the zombie. The scoped k98k, however, will 1 shot 1 kill untill about round 16-17, where it will make crawlers.

In real life, the scoped k98k was dubbed, the ZF-41, and was issued with more precise and consistant ammo.

The scope is in the wrong position in Game.