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Wahnsinn is a large map with a few large rooms and corridors. As of beta 1.1, Wahnsinn is the only official map to contain the Pack-A-Punch machine. Wahnsinn features the Mystery Box, but to access it you must locate and shoot a hidden Teddy Bear to clear the large cases which block the way to the box. The Perk-a-Cola's consist of Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Quick Revive, Stamin Up and PHD Flopper. This is currently the only map with electroshock defenses.

Beta Version

Wahnsinn was first released to play in beta 1.0, being one of the biggest map playable at the time. it contains all 4 basic Perks and the random box

As of beta 1.1, Wahnsinn was upgraded with a whole new section and contains the 2 newest Perks in the game aswell as the finally added feature, Pack-A-Punch aswell as the new Bowie Knife, This is also the only map with the electric traps so far.

This is also the only map to contain the new hidden bear easter egg, finding it is required if you wish to access the Random Box from now on.

Future Version

Most changes haven't been confirmed, however some have been shown in one of the update videos on the Nzp's Moddb Page.


  • It is revealed by Ju[s]tice that the Wahnsinn map has been updated and expanded on the next upcoming version.[1]