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Madness on Warehouse (Alpha V2 PC version)

Alpha Version

In the alpha version of the map, the layout was very small and basic. it only contained 4 rooms each equal in size, this rooms where huge and only the third room has outside.

The map contained all 4 Perks at the time, each one in its own room. only one room contained a box location.

The power switch in this map opened a door leading from the last room back to the first room.

Beta Version

The beta version of this map was bigger, adding 2 more rooms and moving the Perks and Power Switch.

In this version the original layout is the same however its was slightly modified, each room now has a few objects using up space. this improves the look of each room and the difficultly. New weapons were also added to some of the walls.

The new room consists of a much larger out door area, this area contains a few dead ends so be careful when training Zombies around this area, this is also the new area for the power switch and Double Tap perk.

The last area opens contains the most important perk Juggernog, and Random Box.


This picture is the current layout from the beta v1.1 release of Warehouse

Warehouse Layout

Warehouse beta v1.1 layout

Red is the area in which zombies will spawn (There is more then shown), Light Blue is the area where the player(s) spawn, Dark Green is where the Perk-a-Cola's are located, Yellow is the power switch, The blue lines show buy-able doors, The Green Lines show doors that can only be active by the Power switches.

Future Version

Not much is know about the future version of the game, however a few videos and pictures posted on the Nzp's moddb page has show that Warehouse seems to have taken quite a huge upgrade.

The entire map from what we have seen seems to be re-textured, the layout of each room also seems to have changed aswell as there being a second floor inside the main warehouse, not much was shown about the outside of the warehouse or the other building

Nothing about perk placement, pack-a-punch or weapons placement has been confirmed about this map